4 Awesome DSLR Cameras under 1000 dollars

DSLR technology continues to improve, and a number of amazing cameras are accessible at lower prices than ever before. For under $1000, you can get a standard DSLR from big bands like Pentax, Sony, Canon, and Nikon. Features like built-in Wi-Fi are more and more famous, as are advanced video technology and flip-out displays to make it simple to shoot on the go. Below are our best picks for the DSLR under $1,000 in 2016.

Nikon D5500

The big announcement from Nikon last year was the launch of the D5500. First and foremost, the D5500 is an amazing mid-range DSLR that improves many of the same features and specs as its predecessor. The most famous additions are touch display feature on the back LCD, along with some advanced ergonomics that build the camera lighter in the hand and simple to grip. You can obtain built-in Wi-Fi similar to the D5300 but not with GPS feature, which is an amazing omission. You can use Nikon d750 lenses with this

Sony Alpha A77 II

Sony is best famous for its interchangeable mirrorless lens cameras, but the firm makes standard DSLRs and the Alpha A77 II Sony is the best APS-C model. One of Sony cornerstones is “Mirror Translucent Technology,” which permits for quick and constant live autofocus. This gadget also shoots quickly at up 12 fps, has an improved autofocus with a remarkable 79-point phase detection system, and is weather sealed for outdoor and travel photography. One shortcoming of selecting a Sony DSLR is that even though the gadget itself competitors others in this category, the lens options are not quite extensive as Nikon or Canon.

Canon EOS Rebel T6

Like Nikon D5500, the T6 is a small restore of the T5, which is one of the top-selling DSLR camera on the technology selling place. Not just is it one of most cost-friendly DSLRs of the bunch, but it is one of the most users friendly. For beginners, its Scene sharp Auto mode gathers many of Canon camera flagship advancements into a one shooting mode. It uses the Auto Exposures components, Automatic White Balance, Autofocus, Picture Style Auto, and Automatic lighting optimizer to produce the top shot possible.

Canon also includes 5 different still shot filters to help provide your images some special flair, as well as basic plus creative auto modes. For more information, read this blog about lenses for the canon 70d and 80d. The latter spec permits you to change various ambiances, image effects and screen types with ease through the camera quick control screen.

Pentax K-50

Most entry-level DSLR sacrifice improved specs in order to help lower their respective prices. Anyway, Pentax K-50 found a way to contain enthusiast-grade extras in a cost-friendly package. Packing a Pentax Prime M processor, 16.3 megapixel APS-C sensors, the K-50 generates high standard pictures.

The camera boasts fast, continuous shooting at six frames per second, with an ISO sensitivity topping at remarkable 51,200 for low-light situation. Two physical dials permit for fast setting control and exposure. Pentax also contains the K-30s charming, full pentaprism optical viewfinder and an eleven point autofocus function with subject tracking. Y