Benefits of photography

We all have come across the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”. I mean, photographs can tell stories, they can pique your imagination and make you get lost in fantasy. With photographs, you can mentally travel to places you’ve never been to and simply learn new things. Photographs make it possible for us to take a peek at the past and reconcile it with the present. Photographs make you value things in much the same way you would value your mobile phone, value crossbow, value the gift of life, value the friends you have and the list goes on. But have you stopped to wonder what the benefits of photography are? Have you ever wondered why photography is beneficial?

Photography, in essence, affords you immortality. Yes, you probably choked on your coffee as you know that humans are mortal beings. Just take a look at the pictures your dad, mum or even grandparents took years ago. Aren’t they immortalized through the pictures? The fact that they are old now but the pictures have immortalized them as young as they were is what makes photography priceless. Chances are that your pictures will immortalize you smiling, sitting awkwardly, and having fun long after you are gone. Your great grandchildren will get to see you 50 or even 80 years after you are gone.

The other beneficial aspect of photography is that it makes it possible for you to document the journey of your life. Pictures simply document the journey of your life. From the time you were born, the time you took your very first step, as a teenager, an adult, parent and what not. A person can learn a lot about you just by going through your pictures in life from birth to death.

Another important benefit of photography is that it inspires your creativity and imagination. There is something about photography and the desire to get the perfect shot. Your brain gets to work and before you know it you are churning out all these possible creative scenarios. The desire to capture the perfect pose and create that a thousand words picture is sure to inspire your imagination.

Photography makes it possible for you to do the things you love in a natural environment. Are you the kind of person that loves to be in harmony with nature? Do you love the beauty of the natural surroundings? Do you appreciate the flowers, the waterfalls and wonders of nature? If yes, photography makes it possible for you to capture moments in a surrounding you are so at ease with.

Photography improves your self-esteem. There is that feeling you get when you take that perfect shot that makes you feel like you are in seventh heaven. That positive feeling serves to improve your self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself. Well, there are indeed many benefits of photography other than the ones mentioned above. What we can all agree to is the fact that photography is indispensable in our lives. It simply makes our lives more colorful, more exciting and more enjoyable!