Photographing Action Sports in the Snow

Winter is a best time to hit the slopes for a little action sports photography. Snowboarders and skiers in their charming gear, top in the air, and kicking up flakes make for best pictures. Still, the sun and snow mixture can be troublesome to perfect with, but if you are prepared, can outcome in some best photographs. Before you hit the slopes, consider these helpful tips.

Dress for Warmth

If you are out there on the slopes cold because you did not dress perfectly for the situations, then the standard of your images can be impacted. Shivering happen your body to shake, this will lead your camera to shake, which will then blur your images! And you will be thinking more about being chill than getting a special shot. So, be certain to dress in layers of neoprene or thermal or whatever cold-repelling stuffs you have access to. The under layer of warmth are just as vital as the outer layer. Your outer jack should have pockets and vents.Vent for air circulation and pockets for simple access to camera equipment such as filters, caps, hoods and best lens guide for Nikon d750.

Camera considerations

In order to perfectly grip the outdoor action, it is best to use a variety of lenses. A mixture of a best broad angle and telephoto lens should be sufficient. There will be times you will want the broad angle to grip the complete mountain scene, and other times when the telephoto jobs best for a strong in-the-air shot. I advised having 2 camera bodies, if easy, so you are not changing lenses out in the elements.

Stopping the action

While the snowboards and skiers are barrelling by, your final goal is to freeze their action in a split second. A quick shutter speed of at least 1/1000 of a second is perfect. Set your camera to shutter status so you can determine the shutter tempo and let your camera figure out the associate aperture. Depending on the situations, you may need to stop up a few prevents on the EV compensations. Take a few test shots, and if the ice looks too dark, step up 1 or 2 stops until it is white or brightened.

A pretty help from a friend

Ideally, your friends are snowboarders or avid skiers and will be willing to ham it up for you on the slopes. This is best, especially if you are not relaxed photographing strangers.

Also, they will know you are in a certain position, ready for them, and can goal their route to top help you capture remarkable images. Whether they are bursting via the snow, giving you a sprinkling of snow around them, or doing a helicopter over the head, if you have got the correct friends lined up, they would not sad you. You should have some-off perfect pictures.

Next to this, you need some good lenses for your DSLR. If you own a Nikon D5300, then check out this buying guide to get the best lenses for Nikon d5300.


If friends are not around, are not best skiers, or are camera shy, you may have count on the kindness of strangers. Randomly photographing snowboards and skiers will be a waste of time.