10 Gift Ideas for the Photographer

While photography equipment is famous for being pricey, there are some remarkable gift ideas for individuals who want to purchase a best gift for a photographer without breaking the bank. We have compiled a list of things to make your shopping as simple as possible.

Magazine Subscription

-Outdoor photographer is only one of the many photography magazines accessible, but is a best option if the photographer enjoys taking image of landscape and nature. The Magazine provides gear reviews, tips for bettering your knowledge in both post processing and photography.

External Hard Drives

-Lots of photographer depend on their desktop or notebook to save their files. Not just does this slow down the PC, but it also stops them from accessing the files if the hard drive fails. An external hard drive will permit you to job quicker while providing you with a peace of mind knowing your files are secure.

Flashpoint 42-inch five in one Collapsible Disk Reflector

-This item is remarkable for adding fill light to your subjects and has translucent, black, silver, white and soft gold.

Camera Backpack

– a high quality camera backpack is always useful for a photographer.

Photography Books

– There are some best books on photography available at affordable prices. Pick books that relate to kind of photography they love. Also find out if they use Photoshop or another image editor and see what books are accessible.

Digital Photo Frame

– The pries down substantially recently without reduce in standard. We have not found it value the plus price in most cases to buy the wireless frame as opposed to one that accepts USB slot or memory cards.

Memory Cards

– it seems every year bigger and quicker memory cards or accessible at a fraction of the cost of final years models. Most photographers forever want to upgrade their memory cards for both speed and size.


– The program is used to generate High Dynamic Range image. You can now grip top contract senses without blowing out the highlights. While there are other software that does this, Photomatix is the top we have tested to date.

Travel tripod

– A travel tripod is useful for photographers that travel a lot. A travel tripod is usually portable and light weight, making it the perfect tool for stabilizing a camera while on the road.


– While most photographers have ND Grade and circular polarizer, some do not carry warming filters or unique effect filters. Cokin provide some cheap specialty filters for sunsets, cooling and warming. It is also vital to include a carrying case to stop the filters from damage and scratches.

Photography Vest

– I checked many photography cases before finally settling for a photography vest. It was exactly a gift from a friend of mine that is a photographer. I am more capable now since I can easily have everything accessible and organized. No more forgetting to put any item in your camera bag.

Subscription to photo.net

– While this website is free, a paid membership permit members unlimited uploads, plus photo critique request, a favorite image gallery and a personal imagePRO site. It is remarkable way to show off your work and get suggestion on your images.

Before selecting any gift must read camera backpack reviews and best tripods for travel.

Is it worth shooting movies on your camera?

These days we all have cameras that allow us to just about do anything we want with them. We can edit pictures until we’re completely happy with them, and we can also shoot movies on them if we wish.

Ok, so we cannot shoot very long movies on our cameras, but we can still shoot short ones. The question is, is it worth it? Don’t we buy cameras for the sheer purpose of taking photographs? The fact is that we all have our own opinion on the matter, and it’s one that could make a difference to the products we buy, and any film we shoot.

My opinion

My opinion on the subject is: If you want to shoot a movie on your camera, then do. It’s not going to be as good quality-wise as it would be if you were using a camera that’s made specifically for shooting movies (Like a video camera, for example). This is not to say that you won’t get a great quality picture from it, but it just won’t be the same.

At the time of writing, a very famous and much anticipated movie has been released all over the world. There’s no doubt about it that this movie was shot using some very expensive cameras that will no doubt add a lot to the picture. If you were to shoot it using an everyday camera, then the quality would not be so great. Ok, so you do have the chance to edit the movie before someone else sees it, but it still won’t be the same.

How many people would type: Star Wars The Force Awakens watch online free into their browser if they thought it was poorly shot? Not very many at all, I should imagine.

Each to their own

I guess that when it comes to shooting a movie or two, you can shoot it whatever way you want. I recently heard about a movie that was shot on someone’s cell phone. You would think that this wasn’t such a good idea, but the fact of the matter is that it worked. The quality of the movie was a lot better than expected, and you also got to see the story from a different angle and point of view, which was great. Ok, so I only got to see a little bit of the movie, but it still looked pretty impressive.

I personally don’t think that you should use a regular camera to shoot a movie, not a long one in any case. Aside from memory and storage issues, the quality won’t be that good. But this is just my opinion, and you may have a completely different one.