5 Original Wedding Photo Locations

A wedding calls for the excellence from head begin to the initial dance and further. Choosing the right wedding location is one of the best priorities as everything else resolves around the wedding idea including the wedding photography. You can plan on the wedding idea based on the nature of the place. You can select the wedding dress based upon the wedding idea. So everything is linked to each other. You have to think way ahead, at least 4 months in advance to check the availability of your dream wedding place, lest you will have the time to prep everything else. A few exciting and remarkable wedding places are listed here to support you get an idea of which could be the one location that you need to enter into a fresh starting. When you shoot on these locations with a Sony A7s camera, you will need the best lenses for Sony a7


Nothing could be special to your heart like a traditional church wedding. Accompanied by the lovely flower girls, walking down the aisle in your beautiful gown and to face the altar to exchange vows is such a lucky thing. This is really a wonderful experience synonymous to the term Holy Matrimony.

A Hotel

It is best way to have a lavish wedding. You have separate locations for everything, including first dance in the banquet hall and big ballroom for the wedding buffet. It is also basically time-savvy as all the food preparation and decorations for the wedding guests will take care by unique teams allocated by the hotel.

Small Island

A beach wedding is a best idea to have a remarkable wedding. The hot sea wind and the powerful sea to attest your large event sounds perfect. You can favor wearing simple and light wedding gown. A beach wedding is also not that expensive and you don’t have to spend too much.


A hilly region is a best place to have an easy wedding. The scenic beauty of the surrounding is a remarkable sight. You can select a cottage on the hills to entertain your guests for this ceremony.

Charter plane

If you want to have an out of the general experience, you can select to charter a plane and go abroad with your family and guests and definitely the bride. You can trade vows in top spirits up in the air; no doubt, matches are made in heaven. You can also hire a wedding air balloon to have a memorable and thrilling wedding.

In the best old days, wedding too place everywhere fields, chapels and beaches. Today, being the memorable event in everybody’s life, a wedding is supposed to be unique and modern and hence there is no room for mistakes. So select which place would remarkable for you. When wedding photography is taken into account, the places could really make the full process entertaining and simple. Wedding photography cameras also makes this event so special for you. Before buying any camera backpack, don’t forget to read these camera backpack reviews. From church wedding to unusual wedding places, wedding photography will be a stylish when it is handled by the right expert wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography: Getting the Right Professional for the Special Day

To most people, the wedding day is the single most significant event in adult life. This emanates from the fact that, in most cases, it happens once in a lifetime, and thus the memories should be aptly saved for future referencing. However, the success of this endeavour lies in getting the right wedding photographer. The following highlights the factors to consider when selecting the professional.


wedding photo

Professional photographers usually offer an array of styles and themes to suit different requirements. Different styles require different equipment and skill set. Conventional photography styles include vintage, documentary, portraiture, edgy-bold, amongst others. If you seek a specific style, consult the professional who is experienced in that style. Experience is usually measurable through the photographer’s portfolio, which highlights past projects and clients. This offers an easy way to gauge the expert’s suitability to your requirements.


Weddings entail quite an array of finance-intensive activities and items. These include clothing, especially the wedding gown, venue booking, transport, food and refreshments, and entertainment, amongst others. With this in mind, frugality when selecting the professionals is crucial. The cost of the wedding photography includes the props required, photographer experience, prints, albums, and other factors. Undertake due diligence before hiring to ensure the fee is within the allocated budget. Experienced photographers usually provide different packages to match varying budgets. However, considering the importance of the day, do not compromise on the quality of results in the quest for bargains.

Availability of equipment

Excellent photography involves the professional use of equipment including cameras, lenses, cleaners, tripods, flashlights, editing software, and storage devices. Other than the actual knowledge and skills on how to use the equipment, the right photographer should have them at hand. For crucial undertakings such as wedding photography, more than one of each item is important in the case of malfunction or loss. In cases, where the professional lacks some of the equipment, hiring or lease plans should be made for the actual occasion. It is the duty of the skilled photographer to ensure that the equipment is in proper working condition through prior testing and trial shots. In the same vein, insurance is crucial. Do note that professional photography equipment is costly. The clients need to indemnify themselves for any costs resulting from damage or loss in the course of use. Therefore, when sifting through the available photographers, focus more on the fully insured ones.

Personal demeanour

It is important to ensure that the photographer’s personality meshes with yours before hiring. The wedding is usually a tense, enthralling, hectic, and intense mix of activities and moments. A photographer with a positive demeanour does manage to take the day in stride, and ensure they are in the right place and time to capture all the crucial moments. Meshing personalities also allows you to make suggestions on your requirements, as well as easy communication with each other over the events. Do note that the photographer will be virtually your shadow during the occasion. They should be able to do this while maintaining professionalism, social grace, easygoing nature and a strong sense of personal discipline. This reduces friction between the parties that may otherwise sabotage the event.

Availability and reputation

As much as you acquire the best photographer in the world in terms of the above-highlighted factors, showing up for the event is the most important thing. Ensure that the person you interview on the onset is the same person who shows up for the task. This is important as the previously gauged attributes only apply to the interviewee. Most photography companies have a number of photographers and assistants, and will often send just about anyone if the client does not stipulate in the contract or agreement. However, it is of immense benefit if the interviewed lead photographer has a second shooter on site to maximize on captured shots and optimize on coverage. However, ensure that this is stated in the agreement to avoid misunderstandings such as extra costs.

The easiest way to gauge the reputation, and consequently their chances of actually showing up, is through previous client testimonials and feedback. In many cases, the photographer’s website and advertising mediums may feature tweaked and biased reviews. The ideal solution is to seek unbiased feedback and reviews from local photography forums and association. Also, go with your gut. If you feel that something is amiss, for example, the photographer is dodgy and unsure about availability or showing up on time on your wedding day, pursue other professionals. Popular officiators, such as Reverend Tan, can also come in handy in pointing out reputable professionals based on their previous engagements.


The popularity of quality wedding photography services has spawned varying packages to fit different requirements. The different lies in the quality of the editing, the number of prints, level of coverage and after sales services. Inquire about the standard package constituents and coverage. This enables you to gauge the impact of the highlighted extras on the total cost. In many instances, the standard package covers a period of between 6 and 12 hour shooting from the pre-ceremony events to the end of the reception. This is usually enough for most weddings. However, if you feel that the ceremony might run over, for example due to bad weather, ask about the cost of extra coverage.


Although this is a seemingly small factor to consider, the growth of sites and blogs and online security concerns make it crucial for modern wedding photography. Most agreements and contracts specify that the photographer can use your wedding photographs for promotional purposes. This includes sharing of digital photos on the internet and physical mediums, publishing on blogs and advertisements. Read through the contract thoroughly, especially the fine print on the terms of the agreement. If you feel uncomfortable on any highlight or need clarifications on any industry-specific jargon in use, seek clarification before signing.

Professional wedding photography has grown over the years to be a lucrative and highly sought-after profession. Unfortunately, this also means there are hordes of quacks out there bent on fleecing the unwitting client through lack of delivery, or substandard services. Sifting through the high number is crucial to capturing the memorable wedding moments. For the best results, consider the above-highlighted factors before the official hiring.