6 Basic Travel Photography Tips

_DSC7742Taking amazing pictures of your vacation can be simple if you have a few general photography skills. In this page, you will find 6 basic travel photography tips that will support you take some unbelievable travel pictures that you will enjoy for years to come.

Add Dram to your pictures

By adding drama to your images, it makes them more amazing and visually appealing. If you want to add drama to your images one way is to present scale. You can do this by adding natural features or people to your photographs of large things like landscapes, monuments, or the globe largest Redwood.

To get the best out of your photos, always bring a lightweight travel tripod with you.

Special and Candid images

Candid shots when traveling are the top, but special portraits of the family in face of popular landmarks and amazing views are part of almost every trip album. Don’t forget to get in the vacation images too by using remote shutter or self timer.

Always take images of things that interest you instead of taking images of things you have to take like those shown on postcards in the gift store. Special subjects make amazing travel images so look out for these opportunities.

Every photo has a story

You want to tell your travel story by using your photographs from the time you departed to your return house so ensure to grip these moments too. Add highlights like your campground neighbors, an odd meal you had, activities, the look on family members face when she or he saw something for the first time. Once you get house and look at all of the images, select those images that best reflect your journey and frame them on your wall to remember.

Photograph the Locals

No issue where you are traveling in the globe, learn how to say some general things like May I please take your image? Offer to send those you photograph a copy so ensure to have a small pencil or notebook to jot down emails, addresses, or names.

Clean up the clutter

When you are seeing amazing new things, it is simple to ignore the background. But before you hit the shutter push button, look at what you are truly photographing. In some cases, moving a few feet could get rid of unwanted clutter like billboards, power lines, or people walking through your image.

Travel Camera

It is wise to invest in a good and reliable camera. Remember that it isn’t about the price of the camera, there are enough high quality cameras under 500 dollars. Watch out for sand and salt water as they can wreak havoc on your camera.

Remember that not every image will turn out perfect as even the seasoned photographer will take same dirty images from time to time. The top solution is to bring additional memory cards and have a way to upload your images each day while you are away.

And do not forget to prepare your camera for the next travel day by replacing the memory card and recharging the battery. By doing this, you will be ready to go in the early morning!


Find some great travel photography examples and inspiration on the website of The Guardian.