Tips for Looking Good in Photographs

1 Adjust the light yourself. Rather than putting up with badly lit photographs that can make your wrinkles stand out, adjust the light yourself. You can do this by making sure you always face the window. Make sure that you don’t stand in direct sunlight though as it can cast some heavy shadows.

2 Work out what you best side is. Get someone to take a picture of you from your left and right side, compare the two so you can identify which is your best side. Once you’ve worked it out, make sure you make that side of your face the most prominent in photographs.

3 Don’t shine! If your skin tends to shine in photographs, do something about it. Get a tissue and gently wipe your T zone with it.

4 Don’t be afraid to pose. If you’re having a portrait taken, look over your shoulder for a cute effect. If this isn’t your cup of tea then smile and make sure your eyes are open wide. If this doesn’t work for you, try some different poses, just make sure they’re natural looking ones and test them out until you’re confident you’ve found the right one.

5 Look for the camera. I know this may seem like a pretty bizarre thing to say as chances are you know you’re getting your picture taken. Try to make sure the camera is chest height as you will look good. If you happen to be sitting down when the picture is taken, make sure the camera is well above your head, or at least as high as your friends’ arms can stretch. This will help to hide wrinkles and other aspects of our body we don’t want to see in photographs.

6. Here are a few more tips: Remember to wear light or transparent lipstick. Dark lipstick can make your lips look really thin. If you want your hair to look full and bouncy, buy the best curling wand and learn how to use it before you appear in photographs.

7. Lift your head. One of the best things you can do to make sure you look good is to lift your head up towards the camera. Doing this will help you to look like you have a more defined jaw, and it can even make you look a little thinner too.

Although many of the above tips may work for you, some may not. One of the best ways to make yourself look good in pictures is to practice posing until you have perfected it.

Tree Photography

Within the genre of nature photography, trees are highly popular subjects which can make both beautiful and dramatic photos in different ways. This is for several reasons, two of which are their appeal, and their lack of movement which makes framing a photo and waiting for the perfect conditions much easier. Trees are hugely diverse across the planet, and even throughout the year each tree drastically changes, providing a wide possible range of possible photos of one tree. However, it is not as easy as it sounds, and here are a few tips which could improve your photos of trees.


As with all photography experimentation is an invaluable way to not only know the camera and the subject, but also to provide yourself with a wider perspective when approaching a photo and therefore giving a more consolidated position when choosing how to do it. This is the same with trees, and although it is a static subject it does not mean that it is more likely to make a better photo. Each photo should have to some extent the same kind of attitude when approaching it, which should then be interpreted to the individual needs of the photo.

Be familiar with the subject

As I mentioned before trees show a different side of themselves each season throughout the year, from verdant green in the spring and the summer, vibrant red, orange and gold in autumn, and a stark skeletal hardness in the winter, and each of these provide great photo opportunities for the lush visuals. When you get to know a subject in all its characters and forms, the photo will in turn become richer and more heartfelt.

Consider the lighting

This is true of all photos, but the light is best in either the morning or evening when it is much softer. Photography is all about the lighting and how to use it, and when it is done well, the photo will improve exponentially.

Trees can be a filter for light; their leaves will soften the sunlight and the branches fracture it, which are good ingredients for creating a photo. The tree can look soft or harsh, fluid or static, even human emotions can be shown such as humility or wisdom. This all depends on the light and how you use it in a photo.

Sculpt a tree

This is not really a major basis for tree photography, but either capturing a tree as it is worked on by a Southampton Tree Surgeon or after can create a unique photo, and portray another part of tree life – the vulnerability to being cut down.