Ideal Computer for Photography

Ideal Computer for PhotographyThe rise of digital photography has opened up a vast amount of possibilities and potential for photographers these recent years.  All the major companies are constantly competing with each other to release a camera with more features than before, always trying to build on and improve their previous model.  This constant development has quickly led to massive improvements in our cameras, but what about the computers that are required to unlock all these features.  They have to be up to the job too. Continue reading

Performing In Concerts And Gaining Fame

Performing In Concerts And Gaining FameHow To Become A Famous Singer

1. Persevere and don’t let your determination wane. Determination and patience are very important if you want to become a famous singer. Why? Because the competition is intense and ever increasing. You may have to spend years refining your singing skills and accepting low-paying and meagre gigs until you shoot to stardom.

2. Overcome your fears and keep working towards your goal. Let the opinion of others about you be the least of your worries. Get used to singing in front of people by singing on a stage or when in a car with your pals. You can also buy a Sonos Play 3 speaker, invite your friends over, and dance to the music. If you do this often enough, you’ll have no problem dancing in front of a large audience.

3. Start with cover versions of songs written by other artistes if you can’t write your own song. You shouldn’t even bother writing your own song if you can’t since the quality of your voice is more important in establishing yourself as a professional artiste a becoming famous than your song writing skills. Select 10 to 15 cover songs that you can sing well and practice with them.

Regarding your selection of songs, it should be a mixture of obscure and popular songs. Also, make your cover versions noticeable by changing the tempo, instrumentation, and tone extensively.

4. Aside from singing in front of your friends, sing in public as well. Sing at parties, store openings, sport events, etc. If you are lucky, a talent agent might notice you. It’s highly rewarding, whether you will be paid or not for your performance.

5. Open a YouTube channel and start posting videos of yourself singing. If your channel becomes popular, you wil start gaining some fame. The internet is a nice place to leverage on your road to stardom. At the same time, the internet is also loaded with critics and trolls. Therefore, you need to have a pleasant voice before you start making and uploading videos.

6. Network widely with other musicians and singers and express an interest in their careers. Frequent dance halls, clubs, and other places where people in the music industry meet and cities where music is most prevalent. This will increase the likelihood of a veteran contacting you in order to work with you or linking you up with an agent.

Photography IT

Photography ITGone are the days when cameras had the minimum amount of moving parts, and required no maintenance.  Now, cameras can be incredibly complicated and most of their features are completely out of reach to the common user, who cannot navigate their way round the complicatedness and the extraordinary quantity of settings that modern cameras have. Continue reading